How Loud Should My Final Mix Be?

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This is a question that comes up time and again in audio groups. “How hot should my final mix down be before sending off to mastering?” It depends on the format you’re mixing on. If you’re using analog tape, this is an important question to think about. Analog formats have limited headroom, and analog equipment in general is bound by … Read More

Audio Assault Releases Grind Machine II!

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Audio Assault have released Grind Machine II, the sequel to their popular metal amp modeler “Grind Machine”. Grind Machine II features 15 different amp models, a built in impulse response loader, and an “Impact” control that emulates speaker movement for added realism! Get Grind Machine II for only $9 for a limited time! Buy Grind Machine II Here

Don’t fear the EQ boost.

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Many audio textbooks, audio schools, and audio engineers will advise you that it’s always best to attenuate rather than gain an EQ control. This has traditionally been considered best practice in the industry for two main reasons. 

With most EQs, especially analog EQs, adding gain to a band causes an audible phase shift in the signal[1]. This sounds like a … Read More

The Folly Of Jumping To Conclusions

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Today’s myth to bust:   “There’s no reason you should need that in your chain, I can’t see it yielding usable results.”   Since when can we judge the sound of a chain on a specific source without hearing the actual audio?   Since when does a picture of a chain give you enough information to know exactly how it … Read More