5 Plugins To Celebrate Dynamic Range Day!

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Dynamic Range Day 2018 is upon us! To celebrate, here’s a list of my 5 favorite tools to help retain the dynamics of a mix and master!

5. ONE (IK Multimedia)

IK Multimedia’s “ONE” is super simple, takes the guess work out of mastering, and gets you good results quickly. The on board metering is excellent for keeping the dynamics in check, while the task specific controls help you get your master sounding fantastic quickly!

Buy ONE Here

4. LEVELS (Mastering The Mix)

When trying to keep your mix in check, it’s easy to go too far. Levels is a simple to use tool that works perfectly with the visual way my brain processes information. This is one metering plugin that keeps you thinking about the multiple aspects of how your mix translates!


3. THE WALL (Boz Digital Labs)

Sure, you CAN use THE WALL to squash your master to oblivion, but THE WALL is known for its transparency. If THE WALL is awesome at delivering what you need without introducing things you don’t want, you know it’ll be an excellent tool for keeping your dynamic masters in check as well!


2. Perception (MeterPlugs)

Loudness Matching when mastering is insanely important, as it helps you avoid the trap of “does this sound better, or does it just sound louder?” That’s where Perception comes to play. If you want to know what your mastering adjustments are REALLY doing, this will keep you objective.

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1. Dynameter (MeterPlugs)

What an amazingly useful meter. I use this all the time to measure how squashed my mixes are, and even though I don’t use a lot of compression, it’s always interesting to see visually how my work would translate on different platforms! As a visual thinker, the unattractive red and grey thin lines just make me unhappy. But when it’s bouncing around in the blue and green, I’m far less panicked about what’s happening! When I’m mixing, or mastering, I have this open on the side to see how things are going. And I even place it in Menubus so I can check out the dynamics of things I stream from the internet to compare them.

Buy Dynameter Here

There you have it! With the wealth of tools on the market, I couldn’t include them all, so please tell me in the comments what I missed that you love to use!

And have an excellent Dynamic Range Day 2018!