5 Questions:

With Joey Sturgis

Joey Sturgis earned an RIAA Certified Gold Record for his work on the Asking Alexandria Single “The Final Episode”. Joey is also a part of the team at Drumforge, and a plugin developer under the moniker “Joey Sturgis Tones“. Check out for great audio solutions!

1 – You’ve established your name in Metal. But if that weren’t an option, what other genre might you be doing?

Joey: I would love to record country pop like Shania Twain. The country pop productions are the best sounding and most polished productions in the business. That type of stuff is pretty fun to put together.

2 – What is the secret to the Joey Sturgis guitar tone?

Joey: Toneforge. But for real, its my ear.

3 – There’s a rumor going around the Joey Sturgis Forum on Facebook that you don’t use acoustic treatment. Is this true, and if so, how do you pull it off?

Joey: Yeah, I actually don’t. I don’t think its as important as people make it out to be, but it is important to use if you DO have a problem in your room. If you don’t have a major problem in your room, then you don’t need to fix what isn’t broken.

4 – What would you be lost without?

Joey: I would be lost without Cubase.

5 – What is the most valuable lesson you had to learn the hard way?

Joey: People need a reason why even if you don’t think the reason why matters.