5 Questions With Andrew Scheps

Andrew Scheps is a mix engineer, recording engineer, producer, and record label owner based in the UK. He received Grammy Awards for “Best Rock Album” for his work on Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Stadium Arcadium, “Album Of The Year” for Adele’s 21, and also “Best Reggae Album” for Ziggy Marley’s Fly Rasta. Scheps is very open with his workflow and philosophies on mixing and production. His training videos can be found on Puremix.net and Mix With The Masters.

5 Questions With David Bendeth

David Bendeth is a multi-platinum producer whose credits include Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, Bring Me The Horizon, A Day to Remember,and many others. He’s very well known for his drum sounds, and has a signature expansion pack of samples created for Steven Slate Drums and Trigger. David has a passion for outboard gear, and has partnered with Boz Digital Labs to bring some of his rare pieces to the world as plugin models. Learn more at davidbendeth.com

5 Questions With Sylvia Massy

Sylvia Massy is renowned for her work with Tool, Johnny Cash, Prince, and more. The recipient of over 25 gold and platinum records, she’s been making classic albums for decades! Having built a reputation as a risk taker, she uses unconventional methods when needed to bring the best out of the artist. Her book “Recording Unhinged: Creative and Unconventional Music Recording Techniques” has been embraced and celebrated by many in the audio community, and features original artwork by Sylvia throughout. For a chance to sit in on a session with Sylvia, check out her class on CreativeLive.com. Learn more about Sylvia at her website, SylviaMassy.com.

5 Questions With Steven Slate

Steven Slate is one of the top names in the Music Recording Industry. Best known for his drum sample libraries (Steven Slate Drums 4) and plugins (Virtual Mix Rack, Virtual Tape Machines, FG-X), he’s also a producer who has penned singles for major pop artists and mixed albums for legends such as George Lynch. Follow Steven on twitter at @slateproaudio

5 Questions With David Glenn

David Glenn is a music producer, family man, and instructor for The Pro Audio Files, instructor at DavidGlennRecording.com, and the founder of TheMixAcademy.com.

5 Questions With Fabrice Gabriel

Fabrice Gabriel is the founder & CEO of Eiosis, as well as the Co-Founder and CTO of Slate Digital. Fabrice’s algorithms are behind some of the most sought after software in the industry, including Eiosis’s Air EQ and Slate Digital’s Virtual Console Collection.

5 Questions With Brad Smalling

B​​rad Smalling is a Colorado based recording, mixing, and mastering engineer working out of Evergroove Studio. Owned and operated by him and his wife, Jenny, Evergroove is located on 4.5 forested acres in the foothills just West of Denver. Brad’s ear for sound and Evergroove’s location combine to create a retreat like recording experience that is sought after by local, national, and even international artists. Recently, Brad and Jenny launched the Evergroove Academy of Recording (EAR). EAR is a a new series of workshops for audio engineers, producers and musicians focused on producing the highest ­quality recordings possible. EAR is proud to be sponsored by Slate Digital.

5 Questions With Ian Shepherd

Ian Shepherd is a mastering engineer who isn’t afraid to share his wealth of knowledge with the world. His “Home Mastering Masterclass” takes you very in depth into the world of Mastering, and his “Production Advice” blog has become a staple read for anyone in the audio production world. His “Perception” plugin has become one of the most talked about mastering plugins by top engineers.

5 Questions With Catherine Vericolli

Owner and engineer at Five Thirteen Recording in Phoenix, AZ, Catherine describes herself as “more or less an analog purist.” She also co-edits pinknoisemag.com, which is dedicated to increasing the diversity of voices speaking about recordmaking and to fostering an intellectual tradition to accompany the practice of record making.

5 Questions With Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews owns and operates Monument Sound north of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Chris loves to work with Rock /Singer songwriters and country, and he recently finished the new record for Miguel Dakota (a finalist on America’s Got Talent). Chris also lends his audio skills to audio post production work. His post production credits include films such as “The Purist” and “Wide Boyz – Climbing The Crack”, as well as work for Patagonia films (Patagonia Clothing company) with Alstrin Films.

5 Questions With Sigurdor Gudmundson

Sigurdor Gudmundson is a Icelandic musician, mixing and mastering engineer at Skonrokk Studios http://skonrokkstudios.com/. He currently lives in Denmark with his wife and two sons where he works on mixes and masters from wide variety of musicians in eclectic styles, ranging from field recordings, jazz, electro pop to punk and metal.

5 Questions With Ronan Chris Murphy

Ronan Chris Murphy has worked on hundreds of albums around the world. Some of his notable credits include King Crimson (several albums), Terry Bozzio, Ulver, Steve Morse, Tay Zonday, Irakere, Tony Levin…). In 2003 he founded Recording Boot Camp, which helped pioneer the one week recording workshop concept and his Ronan’s Recording Show was one of the first series of online recording training videos. You can get a free copy of his best selling e-book at http://recordingbootcamp.com/arbc/

5 Questions With DrFord

DrFord is an LA area producer whose credits include Charice, Smash Mouth, Romeo, and many others. He is also an instructor for Groove3.com, and is a winner of the MusicTech “Award of Excellence” (receiving 10 our of 10 stars, considered their highest honor). DrFord is endorsed by Slate Digital, Native Instruments, KV331 Audio, and Ku$h Audio. More information is available at http://drford.com/

5 Questions With Jon Tidey

Jon Tidey is a Vancouver based freelance audio engineer, blogger for REAPERBlog.net, cohost of the Home Recording Show Podcast, and cool dad. Follow him at epicsounds.ca, or on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram – @theaudiogeek

5 Questions With Chris Mara

Chris Mara is the founder and owner of the analog studio “Welcome To 1979” in Nashville TN, as well as owner and founder of “Mara Machines” which repairs and sells analog tape machines. He’s been engineering records in Nashville since 1999, and assisted on records as early as 1995. When he’s not recording bands, he’s out seeing bands play shows, working on analog tape machines, or buying and listening to vinyl records. More info at welcometo1979.com and maramachines.com.

5 Questions With Joey Sturgis

Joey Sturgis earned an RIAA Certified Gold Record for his work on the Asking Alexandria Single “The Final Episode”. Joey is also a part of the team at Drumforge, and a plugin developer under the moniker “Joey Sturgis Tones“. Check out joeysturgistones.com for great audio solutions!

5 Questions With Boz Millar

“Info on me: I’m Boz Millar, and I run Boz Digital Labs, writing plugins and researching all sorts of ways to do new (or old) fun stuff. Is this where I’m supposed to make myself sound smart and relatable?”

5 Questions With Dave Chick

Dave Chick is a producer, mixer, composer, songwriter, sound designer, recordist, and former co-host of Inside Home Recording. Based in Vancouver, BC, you can learn more by visiting gethatched.ca

5 Questions With Dave Piatek

Dave Piatek is a producer, mixer, musician and burrito enthusiast from Cleveland, Ohio. He is the founder of Room Sound, a virtual instrument company specializing in drum samples. His latest project, the Jay Maas Signature Series Drum Sample Library features drums by SJC Custom Drums and is available now at roomsound.com.