5dB5 Release The 5dB5 Bundle

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5dB5 have released their flagship bundle of 4 plugins that are not carbon copies of what everyone else is doing! How refreshing! They aren’t modeling hardware, they aren’t attempting to reinvent the wheel, and they aren’t overpriced! I’m pretty excited about this one, as I gave feedback during the development of these 4 plugins. And yes, that’s my voice on the launch video above! (Thanks to Dark Ride for allowing me to use their song “Dead Enemies” in the video. You can get the tracks yourself free for mix practice from Cambridge).

The 5dB5 bundle is made up of 4 plugins, and for the moment only costs $5 for the whole thing. While some might be wary due to the price, after spending some time with these plugins I can assure you that they are very well designed tools that have zero latency and a very light cpu footprint.

I like T-COMP for keeping the impact of the initial transient in your drums unaffected by the attack envelope, and for how it thickens electric heavy guitar tones.

B-MON is probably the most useful plugin in the bundle for my workflow, and I found myself making use of it to control the low end and to add richness to my tracks.

K-MOR is insanely useful on anything that’s transient heavy. It won’t really do you any good on sources that aren’t, but drums and bass guitar can really benefit. Add some attack to the picking of a bass guitar by boosting the transient around 800 Hz, or target the corner frequencies of kick and snare to add meat and presence in a natural sounding way.

D-REZ is really cool for removing that volleyball pinging sound out of your toms, taming the resonance of cymbals, and killing the ring of your snare.

The 5dB5 bundle is a no brainer at $5, and without hesitation I give this line a rating of 5 Cups Of Coffee! ☕☕☕☕☕

Grab The 5dB5 Bundle Here For 5 Bucks!