Audio Assault Releases The RM-2 Analog Channel

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This one has me excited, and not just because that’s my voice on the walkthrough video. I’ve been getting in touch with developers for a while asking if anyone was interested in modelling my Ramsa. I looked into Acustica’s Nebula technology, which would’ve worked if I’d have been able to learn to model my board without making a trip to Italy to be trained officially on modelling gear.

Audio Assault answered that call, and captured the sonic footprint of a channel directly from my board. The result is the RM-2, which uses the saturation and character of the Ramsa and pairs it with a gentle 3 band eq. The eq is similar to the 3 band tone controls found on the mixbus channels of Harrison Mixbus.

It would be unfair of me to tell you that i love this plugin, even though I do. It would be unfair because i was paid for the walkthrough video above, and I don’t want you to think I’m just trying to sell you something. But I will honestly tell you that the RM-2 is now in my template on the instrument busses, and I often find myself reaching for it to warm up a vocal. I think it’s a very usable option if you’re looking for a different console color than the typical Neve/SSL/API emulations all over the market.

The introductory price is only $10, and you can buy it at