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My backup saved my ass again.

My backup system currently is just backblaze. And yeah, it takes time to download a file I may have accidentally written over…don’t judge me…

But it’s simpler to just have backblaze instead of hauling 2 redundant hard drives to the various rooms I’m working in around my home on a given day. Right now, I’m working in my master bedroom. Tomorrow, I’ll be in the control room. Saturday, the living room. Etc.

But there’s another issue. The recovered file was a video file that is 24gb. Backblaze zipped it, and that’s where the issue began. Archive Utility Error 1. Unable to extract. Tried using terminal. Tried opening it in several locations. Nothing worked.

So to the interwebs I go. And I found this link.

Under “What causes Archive Utility Error 1”

“Complications from a very Large Zip File: This is another reason why you may encounter the archive utility Error 1. When you try to unzip or decompress a file that is very large in size, it could prove to be a difficulty because Archive Utility does not have the right resources to support the unzipping of very large files such as the one you may be trying to unzip.”

Yeah, it’s a 24gb file. Time to try something other than the stock archive utility. So I tried “The Unarchiver” from the app store, and it worked the first time.

File recovered. I’m back in business.


(Link above to Backblaze will earn me free months if you use it to sign up)