Boz Digital Labs Release Bark Of Dog 2!

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Bark Of Dog, the resonant high pass filter offered for free by Boz Digital Labs, has seen an impressive update! Offering “Simple low end management”, this tool promises to help you “Clean out the junk without making your track sound weak.” And based on what’s going on under the hood, that’s not just smoke and mirrors! Bark Of Dog 2 offers 3 modes:


Delivers the same resonant high pass filter effect that helped put Boz Digital Labs on the map.

Classic Mode


Delivers the legendary Pultec low end trick with one knob.

Passive Mode


Combines the resonant high pass filter with the Pultec low end trick.

Combo Mode

And for those of you unclear on what the Pultec low end trick is, Boz Millar from Boz Digital Labs has created an explanation!

Bark Of Dog 2 is available for free, just like its predecessor, at

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