How To Choose Your DAW Track Colors!

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Quick tip for organizing your sessions, ESPECIALLY if you’re the type like me who uses visual elements to quickly dissect information.

Muted and neutral colors.

Bold colors draw my eye to them too much, and I don’t want my eye pulled to one color every time I look at my mixer window. Instead, by using more muted and neutral tones, the mixer window won’t be as likely to pull my focus to one specific element every time I look at it. I can easily find my way round my tracks, and I’m not being distracted by a color jumping out at me too vividly.

On the same token, if there’s a track that you feel needs to be the standout, consider coloring it with a vibrant bold hue. That way every time you look at the mixer, your eyes are drawn to it.

This is just what works for me and how my brain processes visuals and colors. Feel free to leave your own approach in the comments! I’d love to hear it!