Free Plugin Friday! Klanghelm: MJUC Jr!

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MJUC Jr. by Klanghelm is the little brother of Klanghelm’s MJUC Compressor, offering a slimmed down design and an intuitive interface to optimize workflow. The Time Constants switch gives 3 speeds of attack and release.

Fast: Fast Attack & Fast Release
Slow: Slow Attack & Slow Release
Auto: Fast Attack & Auto Release

MJUC Jr is a hybrid of features from the MJUC Mk1 and Mk2, combining the knobs from the Mk1 with the background and switching from the Mk2. This could lead one to assume that the compression itself, which is modeled from 1950’s Variable-Mu compressors, delivers less of an audible thumping sound while delivering some of the attack and release characteristics of the 175 and 176 compressors of the 1960’s. This helps the MJUC Jr stand on its own instead of being merely a stripped down version of the Klanghelm MJUC. I personally own both. In terms of time efficiency, the MJUC Jr. will either get you there quickly or not at all. It’s a great option for many sources, and its simplified interface lends itself to not overthinking what your ears are telling you. If you need more control, the full version MJUC is only about $30 in the US.

MJUC Jr. is Mac and PC compatible and comes in 32 & 64 bit VST, AU, RTAS, and AAX formats! Download at