FREE PLUGIN FRIDAY! vladg/sound: Molot!

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Molot, by vladg/sound, is described as a compressor that will add lots of color to your sound and is not for beginners. Although it was designed as a buss compressor due to the relatively high cpu load and the overall sound of the compressor, it is also right at home on individual tracks if your system can handle the cpu load. Molot can not only provide compression, but also saturation characteristics and harmonics as well as oversampling with non-linear phase response to give depth. Those elements can be switched off under the hood, but they are on by default.

To get all you can out of this compressor, read the manual. You can find the manual at

Signal flow of this compressor is important to understand. A full diagram is outlined in the manual. This compressor allows for mono, multi-mono, side chain input, mid side, stereo, and more.

Molot is available in 32/64 bit for Mac and PC in VST and AU formats. Download for free at