How To Add Q-Clone To A Toolbar In REAPER

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So a while back, when I first got Q-Clone, I was trying to wrap my head around how it worked. Bear in mind that Waves wouldn’t touch REAPER with a 10 foot pole at the time, and I was worried that I’d bought a plugin that I wouldn’t be able to use in REAPER (like Sound Shifter).

I hit up Jon Tidey from REAPERBlog, because I was also still kinda new to REAPER, and he still to this day lets me pester him with inane questions about this DAW of endless possibilities. Turns out he had a track template for Q-Clone, and sent it to me!

A template for Q-clone? So you can drop it in at the click of a mouse and it’s ready to go? Hell yes!

Needless to say I learned how to set it up in REAPER myself, but being a very visual learner it took seeing this template to drive it home to me…damned ADHD…

Well, last night I was playing around with custom toolbars (while stubbornly waiting for my kiddos to doze off). Custom toolbars aren’t something I’d dabbled too much into with REAPER, but I realized that I could add a button to the toolbar that opened up Q-Capture already routed and ready to go! KICK ASS!

So here’s the result.

You’ll need the SWS extensions installed for this.

Create a track with Q-Capture on it. Route it where it needs to go, and feed it back into itself. Save those tracks as a track template.

In “S&M Resources”, select “Track template” from the top drop down menu, and click the icon to auto-fill the track template slots. Find the Q-Clone track preset, and put it in slot number 1.

Open the “Customize Menu’s/Toolbars” dialogue and find the menu you want to add a Q-Clone button to.
Click “Add…” and the actions menu will open. Find “SWS/S&M: Resources – Import Tracks from track template, slot 1”. Select it and add it to the menu. Rename this menu item “Q-Clone”.

Be sure to save the menu after you’ve customized it. When you’re done, you’ll have a button in REAPER that automatically opens Q-Capture with the proper routing all set up and ready to go.