Mix Minute: Adding Movement To Cab IR’s With MDynamicEq

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Hello, it’s Brandon with another Mix minute, and today we’re going to use MDynamicEQ to add movement to a guitar cab Impulse Response.

Many IR loaders don’t emulate speaker movement, which can leave the tone feeling one dimensional. We can use a dynamic eq to emulate that movement!

Use upward expansion to lift the low mids where the palm mute energy resides. Follow with an attenuation in the harsh zones to simulate a loudness curve.

Now the Impulse Response feels more dimensional, and is perceived to be louder!

– Rosen Digital “Pulse” IR loader
– Kazrog “Recabinet IR Library v3 and v4
– MeldaProduction “MDynamicEq

Guitar tracks used with permission from the multitracks to Shane Mychal Sexton’s “Carl’s Jr. in C# minor”. Listen on Soundcloud!

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