Mix Minute: Using Expanders On Guitar DI’s!

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Hello, it’s Brandon with another Mix minute, and today we’re going to show how an expander can reduce guitar amp noise.

When we record a guitar DI track, we also record the noise floor of the interface we used. When running through a high gain tone, that noise floor is compressed and lifted into the audible ranges.

By placing an expander on the DI track before any further processing, we can lower the noise floor before it has a chance to be lifted up by the amp. This reduces the need to use a gate, and can feel more natural!

– Nomad Factory “AS-Gate/Exp
– Audio Assault “Bulldozer

Get my guitar expansion preset for AS-Gate in the files section of the facebook group “Nomad Factory Audiophiles“.

Guitar DI used with permission from the multitracks to Dressed In Electric’s “Pigasus”. Listen on Spotify!

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