Mobile Recording: Henodus’s “Knife In The Spoon Drawer”

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In this video, I recap a mobile recording session I ran a few days ago.

We were recording Henodus in their rehearsal space in Columbus, Ohio. We try to record Henodus live, as the band gels together quite well when recording live.

But their rehearsal space isn’t isolated like a typical recording studio. Traffic noise was a concern, as was isolation of the instruments. So we opted for a more modern approach to solve the problems presented by recording them live in their rehearsal space.

Drums were recorded using a Roland TD-11 V-Kit.

The drums will trigger Room Sound’s Jay Maas virtual instrument in the mix.

Bass was recorded from the direct output of a Sansamp bass preamp pedal.

Guitar was recorded as an isolated clean DI. The preamp output of the Fender Princeton 112 Plus amp was also recorded as a reference of intended effects.

Banjo was recorded live with the band initially, but the bleed from the built in Banjo pickup was too great. So we re-recorded the banjo later using the built in mic and the Slate ML-2.

Vocals were recorded later using the Slate ML-2.

This video breaks down the challenges, the importance of keeping the vibe in tact, and shows examples of what the tracks can be after using amp modelers and drum samples.

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