Multiband Metal Bass: Creating Custom Multiband Chains

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In this video, I demonstrate how to create a custom multiband chain using a 3 band crossover. In this specific example, I’ll be splitting a bass into 3 bands, and processing each of those bands with a combination of Bass Rider, saturation, eq, and dynamic ducking around the drums.

The song in this video is “Dead Enemies” by “Dark Ride”, and the multitracks are available for free on the Cambridge “Mixing Secrets” Free Multitrack Download Library. –

In this video, you see use of the following tools:

HoRNet 3XOver
Waves Bass Rider
Sound Radix Surfer EQ 2 (Boogie, Focusrite Edition, no longer available. Full version at link)
MeldaProduction MDynamicEq
Slate Digital Everything Bundle

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