My Top 5 Audio Assault Plugins

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We all have our favorites, and in this post I want to share my top 5 from Audio Assault! Let’s countdown, starting from number 5. 5. FreakQ 305 It’s hard to see what’s so special about FreakQ 305 on the surface, because it looks like a typical eq with an analog eq workflow. But when you dive in, you’ll find … Read More

How Adult ADHD Is Like An Audio Signal.

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I’m an audio engineer and record producer, and I’m one of the many adults living with Adult ADHD. This disorder is extremely frustrating to live with at times, and is widely misunderstood by the non-afflicted. Far from being a “Woe Is Me” type of person, I know I have to work around these limitations rather than try to ignore them … Read More

My Top 5 IK Multimedia Plugins

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We all have our favorites, and in this post I want to share my top 5 from IK Multimedia! Let’s countdown, starting from number 5. 5. Master EQ 432 The right amount of the right eq on the master bus can really bring your mix to life. Whether you’re mixing through the 432 as part of a top down approach, … Read More

My Top 5 Waves Plugins!

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We all have our favorites, and in this post I want to share my top 5 from Waves Audio! Let’s countdown, starting from number 5. 5. Kramer HLS Channel This thing is just meaty. I use it as a low end enhancer more than anything, because the character it brings to the low end is just undeniably cool! There’s a … Read More

Gain Staging For Amp Sims

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Amp sims, like their real world counterparts, are non-linear processes. As you increase the input level, they saturate and distort more. As you decrease the input signal, they clean up more. It’s important to remember this characteristic, as you can drastically change the response of the amp sim by adjusting the input level. Let’s start with some numbers. My interface … Read More

Why you shouldn’t sleep on Nomad Factory

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[I realize this entire post reads like a giant advertisement, but I assure you that it’s my honest opinion about a product line that I am personally passionate about. Nomad Factory have never given me a plugin to review, I have no NFR’s from them, and every plugin of theirs I own I paid for. I recommend you consider doing … Read More

Vertical Video Is NEVER A Good Idea

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The Noise Floor A/V was always envisioned as a place to discuss audio AND video, but rarely do we speak of video here. Most of the community are audio engineers, and I myself am far more versed in audio production than video production. But bad advice is bad advice, regardless of format, and I want to call Shenanigans. A marketing … Read More

5 Questions With Andrew Scheps!

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This month, The Noise Floor asks 5 Questions to industry icon Andrew Scheps. Andrew is a mix engineer, recording engineer, producer, and record label owner based in the UK. He received Grammy Awards for “Best Rock Album” for his work on Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Stadium Arcadium, “Album Of The Year” for Adele’s 21, and also “Best Reggae Album” for … Read More