Mixing Stage Monitors: Part 2

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(Photo Courtesy Of Henodus) In part 1 of this article we discussed how to set up, patch, and tune a monitor system. Now we get into the fun stuff, sound check, the show, and some general tips and tricks. Part 2 – Dialing In The Band Once you’ve got all the monitors patched in and have a system EQ curve … Read More

Mixing Stage Monitors: Part 1

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Suicide Toyz On Stage

(Photo Courtesy Of Suicide Toyz) Monitor speakers, also known as foldback speakers or wedges, are an often overlooked part of live concerts. They allow performers to hear themselves and each other, making them critical to a good performance. Monitors sometimes seem like a bit of an afterthought but, to put it bluntly, if the monitor mixes aren’t good, the performance … Read More

Why some find plugin subscriptions ANNOYING.

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There’s a lot of debate about this topic in various forums, and I honestly see both sides of the debate as clear as day. Some stick exclusively to subscription bundles, while others are annoyed at the push toward subscriptions in general. Both have pros and cons. I covered the pros in the last article. In this one, I’ll cover some … Read More

The Advanced Beginner: Mastering Part B

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Effectively using your Mid/Side EQ: To effectively take advantage of your mid/side EQ, you are going to want to make sure you have some way to isolate the mid and side content for monitoring. Most Mid/Side (henceforth referred to as M/S since I am tired of typing that out so much) plugins will have buttons to isolate the content, but … Read More

The Advanced Beginner: Mastering Part A

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Photo by Hendrik B from Pexels

Let’s be real. The vast majority of people who are artists, producers, or engineers have no idea what mastering really is, yet more often than not have their own false preconceptions. While it may be fine if you do not know what mastering is early in your musical endeavors, that is no excuse to not learn as you become more … Read More

How Much Headroom Do I Actually Have In The Box?

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(This article is not discussing how audio levels impact plugins, or what happens at an output leading to a d/a converter. This article is discussing the linear behavior of audio passing between channels within our DAW.) What you’re seeing in the picture: Going Up Taking a test tone, calibrated to -18dbfs Boosting that test tone to +762db of gain above … Read More