Mix Minute: Acoustic Impulse Responses

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Hello, this is Brandon with another Mix Minute, and today we’re going to make acoustic DI tracks sound more realistic.

Recording direct is the easiest way to record an acoustic guitar, but it doesn’t sound like an acoustic guitar.

If you can’t re-record the acoustic guitar, you can use guitar Impulse Responses from 3 Sigma Audio to emulate the sound of various acoustic guitars in post.

This can help save a take that wouldn’t fit otherwise, or provide flexible options for those who can’t mic up an acoustic guitar in their home studio.

This technique demonstrated on Storm Of Particles’s “Of Ice And Hopeless Fate”. Get a copy of these multitracks free from the cambridge educational multitrack archive. http://cambridge-mt.com/ms/mtk/#StormOfParticles

The free acoustic guitar wallpaper used in the video is from https://www.itl.cat/wallview/hRbTJm_acoustic-guitar-wallpapers-hd-full-ovation-guitar-/