FREE Bus Driver Compressor! A Review.

brandonshirePluginsLeave a Comment just released a free compressor from Nomad Factory called the Bus Driver. It’s an emulation of a vacuum tube compressor/limiter reminiscent of an 1176 or LA2A. Nomad Factory wish to drive this similarity home with a few features, one of which being the ratio buttons that look similar to an 1176’s buttons. The other is the labeling of the … Read More

Melodyne 4 Is Coming!

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Pro Tools Expert just announced the release of Melodyne 4, coming soon! As a user of Melodyne Editor version 2, I’m excited. No information has come out indicating what features will be included, and I’m certain that Russ from Pro Tools Expert can’t elaborate further than to just say “it’s coming, we’re stoked!”. So instead, I’ll give my own wishlist … Read More

FREE PLUGIN FRIDAY! vladg/sound: Molot!

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Molot, by vladg/sound, is described as a compressor that will add lots of color to your sound and is not for beginners. Although it was designed as a buss compressor due to the relatively high cpu load and the overall sound of the compressor, it is also right at home on individual tracks if your system can handle the cpu … Read More

Waves V-EQ4: Waves Plugin Wednesday!

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We take a look at the Waves V-EQ4, which was modeled after the legendary Neve 1081 EQ. This plugin brings symmetrical eq curves and well known sound and functionality to the digital realm. Learn the history of the plugin, and some ways you can use it that you may not have thought of! If you like what you see, and … Read More

Free Plugin Friday! KLEVGR: SVEP!

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SVEP by KLEVGR is a stereo modulation filter effect capable of going from subtle to extreme. This effect can emulate chorus, flanger, phaser, and can be manipulated to find any sound in between. All parameters are easily editable in one screen and the clean and responsive user interface encourages creativity. SVEP is Mac and PC compatible and comes in 32 … Read More

Free Plugin Friday! CMT: BitCrusher!

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Alex Valli Dickson of Studio 7-22 demonstrates the CMT BitCrusher! ButCrusher is a free bit depth reduction plugin. Reduction of bit depth leads to audible signal degredation, which is at times a desired effect. BitCrusher is PC compatible and comes in 32bit VST format! Download for FREE at This free plugin is demonstrated by Alex Valli Dickson of Studio … Read More