8 Steps To Better Audio Tutorials!

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I’ve been seeing more and more audio tutorials these days. I think that’s fantastic, because we should all have a voice. But I want to share some insight into what I’ve learned for those of you who are still trying to find your footing in the teaching world. 1. Know it. Inside and out. If you’re going to teach it … Read More

FREE Bus Driver Compressor! A Review.

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Dontcrack.com just released a free compressor from Nomad Factory called the Bus Driver. It’s an emulation of a vacuum tube compressor/limiter reminiscent of an 1176 or LA2A. Nomad Factory wish to drive this similarity home with a few features, one of which being the ratio buttons that look similar to an 1176’s buttons. The other is the labeling of the … Read More

Melodyne 4 Is Coming!

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Pro Tools Expert just announced the release of Melodyne 4, coming soon! As a user of Melodyne Editor version 2, I’m excited. No information has come out indicating what features will be included, and I’m certain that Russ from Pro Tools Expert can’t elaborate further than to just say “it’s coming, we’re stoked!”. So instead, I’ll give my own wishlist … Read More